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We know that moving into a new property can be a stressful time so we aim to make the moving process as easy for you as possible. Below we have listed a number of points that may be of interest to you and will give you a good idea of how the application process will work.

Finding a Property

Like with any search it is always best to start with a clear idea of what you are looking for and when it comes to property you want to be certain that the property is going to be right for you so we take great effort to include as much clear information about each and every property that we have advertised.

Organising a Viewing

Once you have found a property that looks right, organising a viewing couldn’t be easier using either the ‘contact form’ on the advert itself or by calling any of our branches directly.

Holding Deposit

Following a viewing in person you are now welcome to put down a Holding Deposit which in effect will take the property off of the market while we deal with your application. This amount is usually set at one weeks rent, and is carried over to the total figure.


A copy of the application that we issue to all new tenants can be viewed here and while we try to keep the questions to a minimum we do need you to be clear on the information that you provide as references will be sought from your landlord and employer and a credit check will be carried out.

Application - Documents

Alongside the completed application we also require that you provide us with the following documents:

  • Official Identification (Displaying Photograph)
  • Your Most Recent Bank Statement (1 month)
  • Your 3 Most Recent Payslips (or Proof of Benefits)
  • Proof of Address (Only include if not contained on one of the above documents)


In certain circumstance, where for example an applicant has a poor credit history or is not in a permanent full-time position, we will ask for a Guarantor to stand for the application. The responsibilities of the Guarantor can be found here (page 2) and will last for the lifetime of the tenancy.

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