Best Areas to Rent Property in Nottingham

When it comes to flats to rent Nottingham or houses to rent Nottingham there is a vibrant and bustling rental market. This is bolstered by the two universities in the city that attract not only students but also the young professional crowd looking for jobs. Nottingham is still one of the cheapest cities in the UK in which to rent, so you can get some great properties for a great price. We take a look at some of the areas you should seek out.


This is one of Nottingham’s most popular and fashionable areas in which to rent. Properties in the area will be on the higher end of the scale, but it is worth it. Closely serviced by Nottingham University and the QMC means that there a great mix of people. Great rail and tram links mean that you can be in the city centre in 10 mins. Whilst it is also serviced by the M1 for links to elsewhere. 

West Bridgford

Located just over the river Trent from the city centre this area is sometimes known as the Chelsea of Nottingham. As such this is reflected in the quality and prices of properties in the area. This area is popular with affluent city centre commuters and families. Whilst being one of the nicest areas to live.

Inner City

If you are looking for something right down at the cheaper end of the market, then areas like Hyson Green, St. Ann’s and Sneinton in the inner city will find you something good. These areas are being heavily invested in by buy-to-let investors looking to regenerate the area. So, it is a good time to pick up a recently refurbished property whilst prices are still very affordable.

Student Areas

Of course, when it comes to affordable housing then student areas are always going to have some get value to be found. Serviced by two universities, Nottingham gives you a few areas you can search for properties in. Lenton and Dunkirk tend to be very popular with students from the University of Nottingham and so there are some cheap properties here. Whilst Nottingham Trent students tend to go for the Arboretum district and its surroundings.

Long Eaton

Whilst technically Long Eaton sits in Derbyshire this area is popular with families who work in either Nottingham or Derby. This area is located close to East Midlands Airport and therefore provides a great hub for workers there. It is also well serviced by links to the M1 and the nearby logistics parks.

North East Nottingham

This tends to be your typical leafy suburb area that is popular with families. This features properties in the middle to the higher-end bracket. With areas like Carlton, Arnold and Sherwood being popular (though the Sherwood Forest isn't in Sherwood!) So these will provide some relaxed and friendly living areas.

When it comes to properties in Nottingham there is a diverse range to suit all tastes and property valuations Nottingham. You are sure to find something that will be perfect for you. 

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